Maatalous on yksi maailman suurimmista saastuttajista. Mutta ilman ruokaa emme tule toimeen. Suuri huoli on myös teurasjätteet. Kuinka ne voidaan hyödyntää? Kuinka teurasjäte voidaan käsitellä jo teurastamolla ja tehdä siitä vaikka engergiaa? Me uskomme ihmeisiin. SHS Dryer on.

OFFAL those parts of a meat animal which are used as food but which are not skeletal muscle. The term literally means “off fall”, or the pieces which fall from a carcase when it is butchered. Originally the word applied principally to the entrails. It now covers insides including the HEART, LIVER, and LUNGS (collectively known as the pluck), all abdominal organs and extremities: TAILS, FEET, and HEAD including BRAINS and TONGUE. In the Globe the expressions “organ meats” or “variety meats” are used instead. SHS Dryer can make from offal  100% bio-fertilizer. We believe in miracles. SHS Dryer  is.